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arnab dasgupta

Arnab Dasgupta isn’t your typical mindfulness and science writer. Born in Agartala, a city in northeastern India, Arnab currently lives in Sydney, Australia where he fills a role as a Senior Consultant at an MNC. While Arnab has been in the corporate sector for 17 years, he has changed realms of expertise multiple times, allowing himself to tour the corporate landscape while taking home recognition and rewards – from Operations Manager and Project Lead, Arnab now specializes in Networking Technologies – these are where the seeds of what we see today began to take root. To put the journey into his own words; “More than the tools and technologies we build, I am inspired by the people surrounding me. In different phases of my work life, I have met people of various nature and backgrounds. Helping these people find and achieve their goals, educating the people in need, and solving their day-to-day problems is my call to action.”


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