How is “Diversity Training” helpful in the corporate space?

How is “Diversity Training” helpful in the corporate space?

Diversity training is designed to combat discrimination and prejudice inside an organisation, with the goal of allowing all employees — regardless of ethnicity, gender, handicap, or other factors – to work together harmoniously and benefit impartially from the same opportunities.

Most organisations follow a reactive method of handling diversity issues. There is a way you can report if a racial or discriminatory incident occurs. We are still not proactive about these things. We rely much on the reactivity of these situations. There is no mandatory training available that can ensure its prevention.

In certain organisations, we do have this training. However, the solution is a bit complicated. Diversity training is effective in general, but it is extremely reliant on the type, quality, and frequency of the training.

With the application of diversity training, we get these 2 immediate benefits

Disinformation becomes less of a problem
Employees are more open to working with people from different backgrounds and information is never lost during any transactions
Engagement with initiatives improves
Diversity training has been found to improve employee participation in diversity initiatives. Research shows, employees who attended the training reported being substantially better able to deal with initiatives.

I also talked about the downsides of streamlining diversity training
If employees believe that firm strategies are being pushed on them without their comprehension, they are significantly more likely to rebel.

An interesting study shows, that diversity training influences women more than men! Surprisingly, it had the greatest impact on women’s behaviour; junior female employees sought mentorship from male and female superiors in order to advance their careers. The same thing was comparatively found less in men!
(the subject of gender equality should be strengthened more before we implement a certain aspect of these training). Refer to Jorden Peterson’s strong view on a patriarchal society.

There are certain inequalities deliberately created so that our society functions properly. And these inequalities are not created by men…. But by an agreed organisational arrangement.

For example – you only have 1% of females in bricklaying jobs. And you only have about 12-13% of men in nursing jobs.

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