Benefits of the various psychology training in the book

Benefits of the various psychology training in the book

None of the companies today (be it IT or non-IT) offer any mandatory mental health training. You remain a miserable person all your life struggling inside of yourself and battling with the balance of life and work!

You are not going to take charge of it. (All your life you have been pushed by situations or people. Suddenly, why will you start to push yourself for something that you don’t even agree to understand)? But someone has to. You spend 8-12 hours of your day at work. The rest of the time is just preparing to go to work and the post-exhaustion when you are back from work! It would not be incomprehensible to say – that your company must take the charge. Sadly, none of the companies does!

The main reason why I wrote so much about the benefits of this training in the book is visibly evident. And I will keep wring and publishing more, so someday we get to see the real changes taking place.

I’ve introduced a few self-tests to see where you stand in a few areas, (such as Mindfulness, Workplace Toxicity, Self-Esteem, Work Stress, etc.) then later in the book I have explored some strategies you can start using today to improve your life.

This training enables you to –

Confront your fears
Develop self-compassion
Develop a spirit of forgiveness
Feel your emotions more vibrantly
Be more open about your anxieties
Be genuine – Recognise your top skills
Take some time out for meditation

By understanding the mechanisms of the training, you will get a good grip on –

Social Skills

These are an integral part of your emotional intelligence.
They are your emotional Intelligence tools.

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