What is the science behind different positive psychology?

What is the science behind different positive psychology?

By using the methods of positive psychology, you can –

Live your lives with meaning and purpose
Feel the emotions that involve joy
Improve your relationships (both personal and professional)
most of all…….
Alter your perspective (change the way you look at things and situations)

In a way, you are altering your neurochemistry altogether

Science behind it

When I talk about mindfulness, what I really mean is – the ability to focus your attention on the present moment.
Living in the moment can be life-changing, but how does it affect the brain?

Scientists still don’t have a complete knowledge of what happens in the brain when we meditate or practise Mindfulness. Our understanding of the brain is only the tip of the iceberg; there is still so much more to discover.

But what we really know from science is – Hundreds of billions of synapses allow brain cells to communicate with one another in the human brain. The brain includes between 80 and 100 billion neurons, which aid in the formation of these connections. These neural communications, synapse formation, or connections happen in a particular way when you practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness meditation positively impacts a variety of cognitive domains – including attention, memory, executive function, and cognitive flexibility.

Research shows that experienced meditators make more conscious decisions and pay more attention during action execution. People also reported lower negative emotion intensity and frequency, as well as better good mood states, after practising mindfulness meditation. Which means they have a better ability to deal with negative emotions.

There is new research that shows some age-defying effects of long-term meditation. There are micro-changes happening when you meditate, and these changes may enhance the grey matter over time in your brain. So you age slowly, and look active and fresh throughout your life!

With this training, you attain a clear mindset, you attain clarity of mind, that helps you in establishing a healthy relationship with your office colleagues, you now can build more meaningful relationships in every front of your life. You are now respected more in your group; you now have the ability to influence people (in a positive way I mean). Slowly you will notice your life taking a positive turn!

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